Skinny Blonde Chick

I ALWAYS wanted a sister when I was a girl. Preferably a twin because I thought it would be great to have someone my same age. Well I was an only child for seven years and then the Lord blessed me with a brother. I was sooo happy to have my own real life baby to play with. But my desire for a sister was still always there. When I was 14 I had just started high school, and would eat lunch with the same friends from junior high. I noticed there was some new skinny blonde chick that would sit with us. She didn’t really talk to anybody so I wasn’t sure if she was aware of the fact that none of us knew her! It turned out she had just started public school and the one soul she knew in the entire high school from years ago happened to also eat lunch with us. We also happened to share a computer class together. It was 1998, we were learning to type. You got mail. I digress.
It was over the course of about 6 months that I would occasionally say hi to her, and that’s it. One day we both came to school dressed EXACTLY alike. For seriously, it was like a detailed striped shirt that was identical, not just like a plain white shirt. Talk about horrifying. I wanted to melt into a puddle. Even worse, she was not bothered by this! What. The. Heck. Somehow over these months I learned she liked The Dixie Chicks. This is my very first memory of wanting to be her friend: My grandma took me to the music store (this was before itunes, try hard to imagine.) and told me I could pick out a new cd. I remember there were about 10 new albums I wanted, but do you want to guess the one I picked? The Dixie Chicks. I am trying hard to remember why I did this. I think because I trusted I would’ve liked them since we liked similiar music, and it was a conversation piece other than “hey, remember when we were dressed like twins?” We also were allowed to listen to music in the computer class. I started going over to sit with Hannah and bringing my Dixie Chicks cd, leaving it out so she could see how freaking awesome I was. And that was the starting point of almost 14 years of friendship. I have known her half my life. Oh, her name is Hannah by the way. . .
Isn’t she beautiful?
Well if I went into that much detail over the next 14 years, your face would probably melt off all Raiders of the Lost Ark style from sitting in front of the monitor for so long. We have gone through more highs and lows than anyone else in my life. New friends, boys, husbands, babies, no babies. We went through periods of almost hating each other, of not talking, of spending every waking minute together, crying together. We’ve shared the biggest chapters in life as best friends. I’ve learned my shortcomings throughout this friendship. Again, listing this will make your face melt off. And still after everything she is always there for me. My biggest cheerleader and “woo”er when I need encouragement. She will cry with me, laugh with me, I’m sure she’d punch the crap out of someone’s face if I asked her.
I’ve changed more in the last year than probably my entire life combined. With that change I’m learning to appreciate these amazing people God has placed in my life. I’ve taken her for granted so many times, but am trying now to show her just what an amazing woman she is! We are not perfect friends, but we are perfect BFFs together!
Hannah, I love you my sweet friend! You make my life brighter, and have loved me when I haven’t deserved it. You are kind, hilarious, an amazing mom, and just all around wonderful. I can’t complain about one single thing (for the sake of making this post as mushy as possible I will refrain from expressing my hatred for your humming. Okay, seriously though it is like nails on a chalkboard in the middle of the bosnian desert with a viper biting your eye while Dr Phil says “ya’all” on repeat times infinity). Thank you for being the sister I always wanted.
Also, live closer to me.