About Me

Hi there! I am so glad you decided to take a look at my site. It’s always a challenge trying to explain who you are in a couple of paragraphs. I am definitely a passionate person. Growing up, there were hundreds of different directions I wanted to go in. I had a wild imagination and was always looking for fun, creative outlets. From the moment I picked up a camera I felt like I was able to channel all of that imagination and creativity into something incredible! I am a sentimental person as well, and the photographs I have collected over the years are precious treasures.

Several times a year I will shuffle through the mess that is known as my closet and pull out a box that is so dear to my heart. The plain cardboard box has taken a beating over the years, and I’m quite certain the only thing keeping it together is a couple pieces of worn duct tape. Inside this box are hundreds of pictures. I have pictures dating back to the 1920s that document the lives of my family. I have small Polaroid’s of my mother as a child, and so many candid shots of me as a girl. I hold these photos carefully as I look at each one as if I had never seen them before. I recount the day that certain pictures were taken. What was I feeling? What happened the rest of the day? These small, fading photos mean more to me than I could articulate.

This love of photographs has directly fueled my desire to photograph others. What an amazing experience I get to share in! Whether it’s your high school graduation, your beautiful wedding, or the joy of being new parents. These are memories that you’ll want to experience forever! I love capturing real life. Everyone has a story to tell, I want to help tell yours!