engagement session in union station and chinatown

A couple months ago I got to photograph some good friends that were in love. Awww. I also got to eat my first French dip sandwich. Tied for best part of the day, just being honest. We started off in Union Station, and then took the metro to Chinatown. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. Happy weekending to you!

My favorite of the day*

*Side note: While we were in Chinatown I swore I saw Jessica Claire. I got all giddy and fangirly and I even tweeted about it. She tweeted me back saying she had been home all day. Fail! I’m like the backbrace girl that waved at the cheerleader because she was waving back, and then realized the quarterback was standing behind her. Yeah, I think like that ūüôā

Mike and Kelly Engagement

I had the privelage of tagging along for a very special engagement shoot yesterday.¬† We started off in Capistrano and then made our way down to the beach.¬† Mike and Kelly were such good sports and didn’t complain at all when it came time to take a dip in the ocean!¬† Well not so much a dip as a lounge.¬† Because everyone¬†sits fully clothed¬†on the sand at high tide, right?¬†¬† Yeah, I’m gonna go with “right!”¬† The love they have for each other just radiates off of them.¬† You can’t help but feel good around them.¬†¬†Ah, young love makes me want to burst into Disney song.¬† But I digress. ¬†I know they will have an amazingly blessed marriage, and I can’t wait to be there to photograph them this coming June!