redlands maternity shoot

A few months ago I did a maternity shoot for some lovely friends. We strolled around Downtown Redlands and found some fun alley ways and red walls to play with. Here are some of my favorites from that day

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3 thoughts on “redlands maternity shoot

  1. ahhhh i’m so inspired by your fo-toes! 😀 awesome job jen, i can never get enough of ur photography and eye 😉

  2. Stephanie – i love them! the hoboken setntig is 100% them! my favorites 1) christy and rob against the brick wall and she is in the leather jacket and him in the blazer her arm on his shoulder 2)on the park bench gazing at each other 3)black and white photo of them in the park holding each other with the sun shining through. But i think my all time favorites are the shoes shot and wine pics LOL JK GORGEOUS PHOTOS!

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